There is a face behind every ULLENBOOM® product and process. From design development, production, planning and organisation to shipping.

    Meet the ULLENBOOM® team:

    Katrin: Design (co-founder)

    Katrin founded the ULLENBOOM® brand together with Ole. It all started with a padded play mat for her daughter Lotti. Until today Katrin is responsible for our product design. Katrin likes Holland, travelling, red wine and her children. Typical for Katrin: she is surrounded by creative chaos. What she doesn't like at all: ironing.

    Katrin's favourite design: Elephant Blue Green

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    Ole: Management & Marketing (co-founder)

    As managing director, Ole coordinates marketing issues and constantly develops new structures and strategies to further develop the young brand. Typical for our boss: easy forgetfulness & table tennis matches during the lunch breaks. He doesn't like at all: cooking and losing against Philipp at table tennis.

    Ole's favourite design: Forest Animals Petrol

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    Philipp: Finance & Operations

    Philipp takes care of the finances and the operative business at ULLENBOOM®. If you are looking for Philipp you will find him either working on an Excel chart with his headphones on or in a table tennis match. He doesn't like at all: disputes, Phillipps and Philips.

    Philipp's favourite design: Blue Light Blue Grey

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    Lena: PR und Communication

    Lena is responsible for content and communication. This includes social media and the newsletter. She likes dogs, summer nights, Disney and most of all photos of happy babies on our padded play mats. Typical for Lena: Her loud vocal organ.

    Lena's favourite design: Sand Squirrel

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    Nils: Project Management

    As the Project Manager at ULLENBOOM® Nils is responsible for the resellers Amazon, babymarkt and baby walz and optimises the internal processes in the warehouse and shipping. Nils never gets tired of entertaining his environment with his cheeky comments. He doesn't like at all: olives and capers.

    Nils' favourite design: Forest Animals Petrol

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    Joshua: Online Marketing

    Joshua supports Ole in the area of online marketing and makes sure our product data is always up to date and our products can quickly be found online. His head usually works faster than his vocal chords. Cheese rolls are part of a good start into the day with Joshua.

    Joshua's favourite design: Blue Stars

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    Florentine: Product Manager

    Florentine is our product manager and takes care of everything that has to do with our products: from the development of new products and designs to the optimisation of existing articles. She likes sports (especially swimming), pizza and South America. Typical for Florentine: good mood and a way too busy schedule.

    Florentine's favourite design: Pink Grey

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    Melina: Customer Service

    At ULLENBOOM® Melina is in charge of the customer service and is responsible for process optimisation in warehouse and shipping. If you have contacted our customer service before, you have probably already received a message from Melina. She loves trail running and Netflix, always has something delicious to eat with her and is able to spot any spelling mistake! What she doesn't like at all: coriander!

    Melina's favourite design: Peppermint Safari

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    Tim is the CEO of ULLENBOOM® Inc - the American subsidiary brand of ULLENBOOM®. Tim is the jack of all trades in the USA and is building the brand. That means from shipping to social media, Tim handles all the tasks that arise there. When Tim is not cooking, he talks about food.

    Tim's favourite design: Peppermint Safari

    Any further questions?

    Unfortunately we can't introduce you to everyone from ULLENBOOM ® here, because our whole team is too big. If you would like to know more about our team in the production, please have a look at our production page.

    What would we be without our team? Exactly, nothing! But the materials we receive from our partners are just as important. Here we would like to explain to you what we pay attention to when choosing our partners and materials.