Ehrliche Handarbeit mit Seele.

    Only when individual components are combined it's uniqueness is given to the product. We believe that quality and fair labour conditions go hand in hand.


    All products of our brand are handmade with great care. Of course, we need sewing machines for this, but our seamstresses are still involved in every step of the production process and inspect every single product with regard to its quality. To make sure that the quality of our products meets your and our own standards, a second quality control is carried out directly before shipping to you.

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    We found the family-run business of Adam and Magdalena in a small town in Poland and chose them as our partners.

    Adam and Magdalena are a young married couple and have two small children themselves. Together with their seamstresses they produce all ULLENBOOM ® products, which we have developed and designed in Germany. As a brand for high-quality baby textiles, the trustful cooperation with this small family business is especially important to us and a decisive part of our success.

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    A wonderful community

    Since 2018, we annually host a large summer party for all employees in Poland and Germany. We really love the atmosphere of everyone having a great time together.

    Thanks for showing interest in our production and our values! Another very important part of our products are of course the materials. Here you can find out what we focus on in our selection of suppliers and materials.

    There's a face behind every ULLENBOOM ® product. Here, you can get to know each member of our team. Maybe you'll be contacting one of us in the future.