Krabbeldecken und mehr aus natürlichen Materialien

    Our products can only ever be as good as the fabrics we use. That's why we exclusively work with tested and certified materials provided by hand-picked premium manufacturers.

    Our values

    When choosing our fabrics and partners, we focus on two aspects:

    • Our top priority is, of course, the wellbeing of our little ones.
    • However, we feel that we also have a great responsibility towards our environment, which we want to live up to.

    Do you prefer your baby's room in a minimalistic style or should it be a bit more colourful inside? We have designs for every taste available!

    Certified fabrics suitable for babies

    Skin friendly materials

    To be extra-sure that our materials are risk-free, we use fabrics that have been tested by an independent institute and have a certificate (especially for babies and toddlers). The certification ensures that the materials have been specially produced and tested for skin contact with babies. In particular, we test for substances that can cause skin allergies, for example. The institute tests the materials of our partners and checks whether they contain substances that could be harmful to a baby. Only if all criteria are met will the certificate for the manufacturers' materials be issued.

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    The environmentally friendly and pollutant-free materials are indispensable for the quality of our products, but only the thorough, skilful processing turns them into unmistakable ULLENBOOM ® products. You want to know more about our manufacturing and production? Please have a look at this page!

    There's a face behind every ULLENBOOM ® product. Here, you can get to know our team a little better. Maybe one of us will be contacted by you in the future.